Backed by a lifetime of recreational and professional surfing, Seth Broudy (left) began teaching young groms to ride the waves in the mid-2000s. Working within the surf community and introducing kids from ages 5-18 to the sport, he began to see the difficulty parents and their kids had in finding the right gear for new groms wanting to grow their skills. From shallow selections, lack of sizes for all kinds of kids and a shortage of expertise by resellers, it became apparent to Seth that a need existed.

Kimball Carr has enjoyed a varied career in communications and business, with more than 25 years in Fortune 500 leadership and a desire to trade in his dress shoes for flip flops. He and Seth began researching and testing the idea that a surf and skate shop for kids was something that customers would flock to. Years of focus group meetings and business plans later, Grom Coast Surf & Skate was born.

Grom Coast exists to deliver great products, service and advice to kids and to further the sports of surfing and skating. The company and our growth are also centered around the belief that these outdoor pursuits help kids find their own identities, self-confidence and freedom of expression. Grom Coast celebrates its beginning with a retail location in the heart of the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia with plans that include further expansion as our brand continues to grow.